8/16H balance druid lf 25H progerssion guild

Hi there, balance druid (previously resto main of heroic ranking quality) looking for a 25H raiding guild as a few of our officers have had to leave due to irl concerns so our guild's chosen to split up and search other options. Completed 8/16H downing WOTE H on our last night in an hour with 8 attempts and my ilvl is on par with my resto druid.

I have tues/thurs from 7-12 PST available, and monday, and the other 4 days are generally available as work rarely ever schedules me for evenings as they prefer to have me open.

I'm seeking to play balance as I love resto but I far prefer the playstyle of a balance druid, and am fully capable of offspeccing resto and outclassing other healers (this past patch I was able to achieve a few top notch rankigns even being undergeared and our guild using an additional healer).

Throw me a message on here, or in game at aegwynn (alt combination for the e is 138) if you're seeking a strong balance druid and would be willing to consider me.
we would be interested in a balance druid, let me know if you would be interested in joining us. Please see our forums post on sargeras for our info.

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