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Death Knight
As I am, obviously, not level capped and still leveling, should I be concerned with having a DPS set of armor and a tank set? Or is that superflous until I hit the upper levels? Thanks!
It doesn't really matter till upper levels. However, it is nice to get used to managing the gear system as well as being accustomed to bag space requirements.
Right on. Thanks for the info. I shall start gathering both sets, then.
I wouldnt bother till 80-85+, even then you really wouldn't have to worry about having 2 sets until 90...and even then for raids, not heroics.

Till then while leveling, if you want to tank/dps just use their respective spec's. They can share gear at lower levels.

The bag space issue isn't really an issue. Just put your gear in a bag, it's not hard.

The biggest thing is just getting used to the rotation, and resource management of whatever your wanting to play and familiarizing yourself with the class and it's skills.

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