Common pet teams?

Pet Battles
Im just starting the pet battle thing and I'm wondering which teams are the most common combinations. Also, what are some good teams to lvl for battling tamers?

Any pointers would be appreciated, or if there is a good site with this kind of information, please point me in that direction.

I can't really talk at all about pvp combinations and I think in general they are changeing soon anyway.

The most cliche pet for fighting the tamers would be Anubisath Idol. Beyond that, you are likely to want somewhat of a variety of pets capable of handleing different challenges. The tamer fights get a lot easier as your roster increases in size. Various guides exist, but really you are likely to adapt most of their strategies to what works for you, pets that you might substitute in, etc..

Personally I like the suggestions mostly from . In terms of what is most useful to level first (other than Anubisath, because that can be prohibitively expensive) I'd suggest a Spirit Crab, some form of dragon with magic attacks (e.g. Emerald or Nexus), and maybe a mechanical if there is one you like and have in rare (or some form of flying pet, or a crocodile because they are super easy to level, an ooze because they are super awesome, or whatever). Other useful things like rabbits/snails/emperor crabs can be collected at high level so aren't that big a deal.
Highly recommend a beast with devour as a starting pet as you come across plenty of critters and these can self heal. Snow Cubs can be farmered in the Dwarven Starting areas, or you can buy a cat.
Thanks for the tips and the site suggestion!

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