Does Mana Surge have a low hit %?

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I've noticed several people commenting on Mana Surge missing in other threads. There is nothing in the tooltip about it having a low hit % but it does seem to miss way more than other spells.

it only has 80% accuracy, presumably to compensate for the advertised damage increase in arcane storm, which is fixed next patch
Wow, cool, thanks for posting. I didn't know that wowdb listed accuracy like that.
Mana surge misses quite often (since that 80% accuracy rate does not include base miss/dodge).

If you use a Nexus Whelpling a lot, you'll quickly give up over it's crappy hit rate (I used it to farm dragonblight condors and low-level trainers; works but it's way too rng-y for my taste).

Did not realize wowdb was tracking accuracy rates; that's pretty handy.

Edit: Hmm... wowdb shows the conditional cc moves having an accuracy = to the cc change (ie 25% for headbutt).

I assume the hits 1-x times moves are also showing accuracy as the chance to get a certain number of hits (like triple snap being 33% and flank being 50%) too...
Edit: Hmm... wowdb shows the conditional cc moves having an accuracy = to the cc change (ie 25% for headbutt).

Yeah I noticed that too. In the pet battle log when an ability like frog kiss is used it shows 2 hits as if it's 2 separate abilities. If the first (damage portion) hits, then the second (the stun) can hit or miss. The list only seems to be showing the accuracy of the second ability, which is odd.
You can actually hit the second if the first doesn't hit (unless it's been hotfixed).

It's quite rare; but I've put things to sleep that were hiding behind a shield before with sleeping gas.

Also; since it's a separate attack; Mr. Wiggles makes these kind of things pretty fun... (Horn Attack now interrupts 100% of the time!).

Other people who've used Wiggles more than me; have said the 1-3 moves hit closer to the 3 times than 2 (which would would be average). So I assume that's another 'hit chance' to determine how many attacks you make.
Yes, WowDB doesn't currently support moves that have multiple accuracies correctly - I reported it to the devs there already, so it is on their list of bugs to fix in the future. Currently it just picks the last accuracy out of the tooltip, which is almost always the "% chance to CC" one and not the actual attack's value.

Also, Roan is right, literally every mechanic that has a "chance" uses your hit/miss chance, so things that lower hit will ravage those multiple-accuracy-checking abilities, while things that buff your hit will make them OP (see Mr. Wiggles + Yellow Moth for example of that).
80% accuracy moves are almost never worth using for their damage, though moves with an avoidance component are still situationally good.

Deep Breath and Mana Surge are particularly terrible, at least in their current states.

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