Is mastery going to be an unnecessary evil?

From what our Brewmaster tank tells us, he is telling us how high levels of mastery will be bad, however most leather gear we use for 5.2 almost every slot has mastery in it.

What is going to be the solution for this?

As an added tip if you have a Holy Pally in your raid group... use hand of purity. It works, we tried it last night. Tank was only taking 5% damage.
Mastery increases in value in 5.2 (about 1k rating for 1%, not exactly though).

There also is an "upper bound" on the amount of haste you get. In 5.2 especially, we won't be spending Chi on anything except BoK, Guard, and Purify; the healing tier is entirely free now, so we won't want for as much haste as we do right now. ATM I'm struggling to use Chi Wave with 6k haste, but on PTR I can comfortably use Guard on a regular basis, keep Shuffle up, and PB fairly frequently (even more frequently with 4pc) with 6k haste no problem.

So basically what I'm saying is after this (very low) threshold of haste we have to stack something else - mastery or crit. In 5.1 it is crit, basically; mastery is definitely a choice, but crit is kind of better just because mastery conversion is so bad. In 5.2, it's a much more solid choice than it is now.

[e] Also, I have 6k haste, exp hardcap and hit cap, with only 486 ilvl. So in 5.2, we will absolutely have to put a lot of stats into either crit or mastery, and personally, I'm preferring mastery with the extra PBs we are getting.

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