To transfer or not

Hello Thrall I been thinking since my current server is dead(died along time ago),I`d like a fresh start somewhere`s else.Due to the progression on my server I havent really got to raid much in MoP.Is there any guilds on Thrall that welcomes a semi-casual person as myself with lack of seeing end game content

Due to work schedule raid times maybe rough for me week to week,but I`m really looking for a lively server instead of nothing.I have 3 soon to be 4 90`s.Any replies will help thank you.
we are looking for a lock or a resto druid for our core team we raid fri- sunday 7-11 server (9/16 progressed) just looking to fill that spot. Contact me in game at James#11304 or in game mail me/ apply at our site
Good luck Bear

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