WTF happen Tuesday

Pet Battles
Ok bliz this is sad since pet battles have came out thats all i do. trust me I almost have my 5000 wins and 1000 vs Achievements which i didnt start pvping untill two months ago!! So here is the problem since Tuesday the hit and miss RNG is out of control in pvp... With the following moves Quills,Thrash,Flurry,and etc etc. Before u might miss one are two every few matches, NOW it is every match there is a least one miss r dodge when u hit 2 r more times, and yes my pets r 325 and up, been keeping track the last couple of days, here it is

Only took note when faster then other pet, also only putting up where i swung three times

Flurry, 352 times used for a total of 1056 swings, which only 20 times all tree hit

thrash, 851 times used for a toal of 2553 swings, which only 25 times all three hit

Quills, 450 times used for a total of 1350 swings, which only 26 times all three hit

Now this is sad, before Tuesday it would happen but u would not really even notice because it was so rare but every match it is happening Muti times!! This is a huge problem for fast classes. Started to note tuesday night because of close matches being lost because of this. So bliz has hidden a nerf r someone messed up a code along the line with pet battles! Need to look into this bliz are pet battles will die, Already taking way to long to fix know bugs this one cant stay just cant
BUMP :o)
i use sprite darter hatchlings a lot when battling tamers, leveling pets, capturing pets.

in last 2 days i have noticed the ability: slicing wind 1-3 attacks predominantly seems to get only one attack off or even better, one attack and two dodges.

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