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Hello Everyone,

I am new to WoW and am kind of enjoying playing it, though I find some concepts hard to grasp... Hopefully you guys can help me :D.

Does Icy Veins, Frost Armor and the Troll racial stack?... I can tell it works for Scorch and Frost Bolt... but not so sure about Blizzard... What other uses does this have, besides spamming these 2 spells when I activate these abilities.

Is stacking Haste and Intellect the way I should be playing?

Thank you in advance.
while you're leveling, you don't need to worry about stacking anything.
Intellect is a higher priority than haste.
...however, you should look at getting a new staff, the one you currently have is for melee, not casters.

02/22/2013 06:21 PMPosted by Drunkenmage
Does Icy Veins, Frost Armor and the Troll racial stack?

I don't see why they wouldn't, but I've never played a troll, their feet creep me out :P

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