[H] 10m Nephilim group 3, 6/16 H, LF 2-3 dps

Sorry, cant post on my main atm due to a recent transfer.

We recently transferred to this server and are now apart of the Nephilim guild (group 3). We are 6/16 H progressed and are looking for dps. We would also be willing to accept an off-tank. Our raid nights are:

Wednesday: 830 PM -1200 AM EST
Thursday: 830 PM -1200 AM EST
Friday: 830 PM -1200 AM EST

We are currently looking for: 3 dps or 1 off-tank and 2 dps.

Warrior, DK or Paladin x1

Enhance Shaman

If youre interested and at least ilvl 485-490, contact Rothulean#1736 or Morrie#1378.
Just gonna put this out here...try to keep only one thread for your guild up-there's just too many of us trying to recruit.
We are still looking for 1-2, ranged dps or a tank with off spec.
Are you still recruiting for ranged with a spot for hunter? Looking for a bit more progressed guild raiding then my last and looking to keep raiding current content as it is released. Previous guild was starting to lose its raid team we had through ds/hds and through this current content. So much so that recruits coming in were well behind the raiding curve causing a backwards progression.


so you can check out the links to previous parses.

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