[Holy] Need Advice Scarlet Monastery CMode

I finally was able to find a group to start seriously attempting challenge modes. We started on scarlett monastery(i've heard it's the hardest one) and were able to achieve bronze after a few resets on the first boss AND a few wipes included in our final run time.

I'm simply looking for advice to make it to silver/gold.

I've seen people reforge into haste and others keep their mastery as well as a number of different talent builds. What do people recommend and what worked for you?
You will likely need to push you spirit over 10k before upping your haste or you will likely burn up your mana.

Weather Beaten Hat...i want to make a joke to upgrade it but someone will take it serious...:)

edit: With weapon/shield/helm equiped you likely are over 10k spirit...right?
I'm not sure if logged out in the correct gear set but i'm fairly confident that my spirit is over 10k with the gear i would be using for challenge modes. What is a good amount of haste to aim for for cm's? I read one post where someone had gotten to a 2 second cast time. is this reasonable or would it destroy my mana?
I mean it honestly really depends, I did CM's with a "weaker" comp set up and I didn't have to reforge a thing, I stayed pure mastery with my SPI gems, the only thing I changed was glyphs/talents (Obviously) lots.

CM's aren't really about how much healing you can put out, it's about how you use your CD's (ALL of them) and being very vocal with your group, especially your tank on when you are using cd's and when for them to blow cd's.

I wouldn't say it's the hardest at all, but it's not the easiest. I can't really remember my CD breakdown in depth because I did them so long ago, but:

- Make sure to use Blinding Light on big packs, ie the pack after first boss with casters who smite and 1 shot people. I remember making a note to sac the Tank for the mobs BEFORE the spinning fire dude, those packs really hurt tanks. Also Sac tanks when it gets rough inside the Cathedral (it always does), use your hammer on mobs that cast, or rebuke them on cast to make them run into cleaves.

- Once you clear out the two sides in the cathedral entrance, you basically want to grab everything on the wing sides, bring it into one of the little rooms, and aoe it down, here is where you want to use a cd to make sure the tank lives, sac or wings, even guardian, because you shouldn't need it for the last boss.

- Help DPS, you should be able to sustain 10k on trash and 20-30 on most bosses just to help out, CM's are about the trash, bosses are a joke for the most part.

In terms of spec, you are going to want Prism, the group is moving so fast in CM's that you won't see much arcing light healing. Clemency is extremely strong, and I would use it in every CM setting. I was EF/DP spec for all of the CM's with the exception of Stormstout I believe.

Hope I helped ya a bit and GL

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