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What are some other stuff we could do while taking a break from those?

I'm still new to the game so I'm wondering if there's other things I may not know about yet, or perhaps not high level enough?

I've heard of daily quest too, but so far I've only found the fishing quest in Stormwind city (apart from the Valentine's event). Will there be more available at higher levels?

Thank you all
You can do pet battles, which some people find addictive, but you don't have access to most daily quests until higher levels, and scenarios aren't available until level 90. If the Darkmoon Faire (a traveling carnival) is in town, you can pop over there and play some of the mini-games to win tickets and prizes. Sometimes there are larger events like the recent "Love is in the Air" celebration with low level content. Check your calendar to see when the next one is coming up.
If you learn cooking there will also be a cooking daily quest in each starter city. (Note you can only do each fishing/cooking daily in one city each day.) Daily quests were implemented during the Burning Crusade expansion, so many more will become available at level 70 and beyond. Many more. Many. No, more than that.

Other things to do:
* Use your mining skill to make money on the Auction House by selling low-level ore to higher-level players.
* Learn Pet Battling and start collecting more battle pets.
* Look through your achievement lists and find things that you can accomplish at your level.
* Join a leveling guild and be social!
Every expansion's level cap has several factions, each with it's own quest hub, an intro quest-chain, and then several dailies. And for many factions, the higher up you go in reputation the dailies you have available to you change.

In burning crusade (Outland zones, level 58-70 areas) each faction also had it's own set of dungeons as well.

There used to be a limit on how many dailies you could do each day (25), now there's no limit. So if you have the time (and need very little sleep), you could do all 200+ dailies every day if you really wanted to.

In the Classic WoW content (the 1-60 zones) there's only a few scattered dailies. For most 1-60 factions you gain rep through some repeatable item turn-ins, basic one-time quests, and wear tabards in dungeon runs to build the various reps. Many of the classic factions were put in the game before the idea of dailies for rep gains really took hold.

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