Strangest place you've thrown your hammer?

So I was tanking a heroic the other day, inside scholomance at the beginning I ran down the steps and tossed my hammer towards the first set of mobs, only to find that with my downward view I hit the damn chandelier /facepalm
That's amazing lol, 10/10.
So this one time I was hella bored and decided to go chill in the throne room of the ruins of Lordaeron. I sat there for a while having an intelligent and in depth conversation with trade chat regarding the human condition and its impact on our perceived view and understanding of reality.

Then suddenly I saw the silhouette of a forsaken death knight at the entrance to the room. He stood there unflinching with his ominous blue glowing eyes in the moon light, almost as if he was in a state of total shock and awe to witness such a fabulously dressed paladin that personified the living visual embodiment of eternal bliss... or maybe he was just a little bit weirded out by the sight of a random Alliance paladin sitting in a Horde capital city for no apparent reason, but that's beside the point!

The Death knight then proceeded to channel unholy energy to summon a legion of half-witted undead minions. I retaliated by popping my wings and he died... However this un-dead death knight was well accustom to well... erm dying. So he got back up, but this time he called for the aid of slightly less half-witted undead players to aid in my defeat.
Of course I reached for my trusty can of Redbull, but to my surprise I had already drank the last of it during our previous encounter! I began to panic and asked God to do me a solid, and he replied with a bubble of immunity which lasted just long enough for me to use my The Last Relic of Argus and escape. Funny story you see I had not yet forked out the gold to buy the ludicrously overpriced Glyph of Righteous Retreat so I had to use this old item of mine. I may adorn myself in the most magnificent set of diamond encrusted, solid gold armor money can buy but the day I pay 143 gold for a minor glyph is the day Blizzard finally admits their obsessive favoritism towards mages... Seriously Blizzard is even the name a spamable mage spell!!! But I digress...

As I emerged in this new environment and my blurred vision began to come into focus I realized I was in a city that was totally foreign to me but yet reminded me a bit of Silvermoon. Across the hall I noticed a table filled with well armored hero's that seemed to be poking fun at my expense. As I approached the party I noticed they were speaking in some kind of barely comprehensible ye ole larp tongue. Deciding to play along I said to them "Oh yea! well... dost thou even hoist?" Apparently the leader of the group who his companions referred to as Thor took offence to my wise cracking remarks, and challenged me to a arm wrestling contest to defend his honor or some malarkey.
Fine I said..."Are you ready to throw down?"
Thor replied in a overly aggressive tone "YOU WANT ME TO PUT THE HAMMER DOWN?!" as he slammed his hugely over compensating hammer down onto the table which was crushed under the weight and promptly collapsed into a hundred pieces.

The chamber became silent as everyone involved collectively realized that we no longer had a adequate surface to use for our e-peen defending challenge. Thor's companions then accompanied us to a giant rainbow before Thor and I slid down together in a totally !@#$%^-*!@#$ fashion. At the bottom was the familiar sight of Goldshire. We entered the inn and had our pick from a large variety of suitable tables, and naturally we chose the one with the most ale and a scantily clad night elf dancing on it.

We quickly lost ourselves in the moment, we drank, we fought, we made our ancestors proud... but we forgot to arm wrestle! The following morning I awoke in a strange bed next to the Goldshire warrior trainer Lyria Du Lac o.O needles to say I got the hell out of there before things escalated any further. Down stairs I was met with the sight of Thor eating a hearty breakfast including Murloc eggs, Westfall toast, and 24 boar flank pies that the two of us had apparently "requisitioned" from the home of Billy McClure at some point in the night during our alcohol induced adventure.

Realizing it was Tuesday and thus time to collect an arbitrary number of various points the two of us went our separate ways, but not before adding each other as Real ID friends, and as Thor phased away back into his own universe I couldn't help but smile as I relished in the memory of an amazing adventure with my new best PAL-adin xD

Later that day I was farming Valor in heroic Scholomance and I threw my hammer at a particularly fierce looking rat so I could steal away the opportunity for the arms warrior in my group to get free rage! >:D
I've done the whole hitting the chandelier bit too in Scholo. It was funny and embarrassing all at the same time. The cool thing was that it still worked as intended but instead looked like lightning bolts were coming from the ceiling hitting the mobs.

Few other places: Hand rails on stairs and one time it stuck to the wall.
Anyone had their hammer completely disappear in Stormstout? Right at the last boss when you LoS the little adds so you can AoE them, I threw my hammer out to them once and ended up losing it entirely, just disappeared off the face of the planet.
I took your hammer Inares, and I am sorry.
What the hell did I just read.

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