Ret PvP and PvE?

I've been holding off on leveling my paladin for the main reason that I've heard a lot of negative comments regarding Ret's place in the game. But, taking 5.2 patch notes into account, how do you see things panning out for Ret in the next patch in general for PvE and PvP?
Ret are already fine in later PvE, once you have 4pc and/or a Heroic Wep we really start to compete with other classes in terms of damage, have a couple of niche spells to help cheese certain boss mechanics (Hand of Purity on Heroic Blade Lord anyone?) - and yes, I know Holy or Prot can both provide them.

As for PvP? Iunno, someone else will have to answer that one.
02/24/2013 04:04 PMPosted by Inares
Ret are already fine in later PvE, once you have 4pc

I found this was true for me...
Ret may not be the cream of the DMG crop but Ret certainly competes with other melees.
Atm ret is fairly weak compared to other class's in pvp however with enough gear and knowledge of the class you can do ok

Next patch I am predicting more rets doing better with the pvp healing boost as well as damage from our 2 and 4 piece bonus sets
ret has always gotten the shaft they built us up then ripped us apart
Thanks for the input everyone!

I'm in the process of leveling her, halfway through 86, probably going PvE c:
Don't listen to any of this negative mumbo-jumbo nonsense.

First of all, you really should play what you enjoy most. If you're skilled/knowledgable of your class/spec, you can shine even if people say your class is gimped.

Personally, I find Ret to be extremely fun in both aspects of the game.

Sustained damage isn't that great in PvP, but our burst is pretty intense. I will get my PvP wep on Tuesday, so that might all change.

Ret is just really gear reliant (as most classes are in MoP), so a lot of people think it's garbage, because they aren't decimating early on.

Just play what you like, don't bother looking at the patch notes. Classes/specs are always getting buffed and nerfed every patch, so it's never going to be the same.
"Meh" is the only way to describe ret. My guild needed me as a tank, and i was more than happy to oblige switching specs because on an even gear and skill level, rets are outdone DPS wise by many many classes, and the ''utility" we bring isn't worth sacrificing dps for if i can just go prot (and pull similar damage with a haste build).
Well, prot's another option for me. I was debating it, as I really enjoy tanking, but back in Cata I wasn't the best. >.<
Play Ret in PvP its fun :)
Ret pvp is like Whack A Mole IMO.

But trust me, you can absolutely destroy people with your cooldowns. My gear is still crap and I TV'd somebody for like 115k in Kot'Mogu last night.

Talk about rewarding.
02/25/2013 09:02 AMPosted by Alwayshungry
Ret pvp is like Whack A Mole IMO.

Haha, sick as hell right now but that gave me a laugh. Sadly it's kinda true,..

Anyway yeah this has mostly been answered pvp wise, we are very gear reliant, but if played right and geared enough we can be amazing sometimes.

As someone else mentioned "play the class you enjoy and want to play" but let me extend on that...

Play the class you enjoy and want to play, become good with the class, and if the class hits a rough patch just sit out from the top leagues (hardcore arena/RBG etc) and just enjoy the wpvp.

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