LF Tank DK/War/Druid 10M W/Th 6-8:30p CST

Aerie Peak
Hello tanks,

I have an awesome opportunity for a talented tank out there looking for a raid team worthy of their talent. My team and I just transferred to this server because of the CtR podcasts and are very glad we did. We have have filled in our gaps with terrific players so far, but still require a solid tank.

Preferrably: Blood DK > Protection Warrior > Guardian Druid

We will consider a Brewmaster monk if he's exceptional.

We are 9/16 after our first raid week together. Our team won't be finalized until 5.2 hits, and we are running tryouts until then.

I have 1 spot open for a tank that is able to come this next Wednesday to try us out. The average iLevel of our team is about 490, and half the players have heroic raid experience. This team will go far, and we want to bring you with us.

Please contact myself, Kryonik, or Ramla in game.

Again, we raid Wed/Thurs from 6:00-8:30p CST (server).

I hope to hear from you soon.


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