Druid Transmogs.

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I always like these transmog threads.
I am a big fan of mine.
10 /10
For the Alliance!
Still in T5 (matches incarnation armour).
WTB more dark duridz.
I am the Malorne.
I need a hand of Edward the Odd , but then this transmog will be done.

RogueDruid Go Go .
I want to get my hands on T6. I'm just lazy.

02/28/2013 01:44 PMPosted by Iamnatman
WTB more dark duridz.

I'm dark at heart. Does that count?
Meow meow I'm a Tauren Rogue!
02/28/2013 01:17 AMPosted by Júmn

Loved T6 for the fact it looked like we'd been ripping the 'wings' off shammy totems for shoulder decoration.

02/28/2013 03:12 PMPosted by Katzfiel
I am the Malorne.

Squidstick to the face.
02/28/2013 01:44 PMPosted by Iamnatman
WTB more dark duridz.

I normally only wear kilt type xmogs but I wanted something different lately. Farmed this set up before the Cataclysm would forever remove them from the game. Back in the day I had all the pieces except the belt (/growl @ rng) and always liked the look even though the legs are not a kilt.

Like a poster before me, nostalgia is a wonderful thing.

Mine takes the prize
I'm pretty happy with mine.
MH usually Lifeforce Hammer, but Malev Gavel won't xmog to it (One-Hand vs Main Hand Designation for a Healer Mace?)
This has been my xmog since the feature was implemented. This isn't my xmog weapon though. I can't xmog to my staff that goes with the set until I get a staff or 5.2 comes out.
I like that as troll, I can match my hair to my set. :) I dislike armory poses tho
Girls should be the only ones wearing dresses
I'm consering farming the Druid of the Fang set. ;)

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