Druid Transmogs.

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sexy and I know it.
This is mine for both specs.
Prefer mine, might swap out my helm for a Cursed Vision mebbe.
Totally not rogue or tree flavored.

i'm a trendsetter
This is how I seem to roll these days. WOTLK looks seem to be long forgotten, and I love the tortured leather look.
Psh, who needs nature mogs.
Been using this one since day 1 of transmog. Still my favorite :D
Hi there. ^_^
I like this one, mon! Lol it's not really a set but it looks cool, especially on Male Trolls!
02/28/2013 01:44 PMPosted by Iamnatman
WTB more dark duridz.

I approve.
02/28/2013 01:44 PMPosted by Iamnatman
WTB more dark duridz.

Sure! Damn armory refreshing gear
BC baby all the way :)
I just like my giant.....key
I like mine for some reason. I also have Fandral's Flamescythed macroed so I turn into a flame kitty on opener and equip my real pole arm for the rest of the fight but still stay fire kitty
I didn't spend a lot of time on mine, but I think it has a certain cohesiveness and it works for me.
Mine is still a work in progress, but I like the current result. I was using Stanchion of Primal Instinct which matches everything better, but I got bored of seeing it on my back all the time. Cloak of Kea feathers for the back, but same issue as the staff. I need to farm for Pillar of Ferocity next!

Now if Armory wouldn't make my toon impale herself in the muzzle with her shoulders, that would be sweet, too.

May have to grab a random mace and offhand just to log out with.
I'm very sad that i can't use the 60 pvp gear for transmog. I had a very good (Jarlaxle) look but with no Druid 2 handed maces or the 60 pvp set, cant pull it off. :(

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