Druid Transmogs.

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I do like the older stuff but im a sucker for the DS tier set
I just bought mine from a vendor in kun lai.. I wasn't really particular about druid sets even in vanilla.

Plus I like purple/gold.
I am constantly changing my transmog. lol I seem to last about a week with each change, then I have to redo everything.
ME! ME! Look at me!
Enjoying my new set atm. =)
Bask in my sexyness!
Mine is simple but very ferally. (I don't think that's actually a word.)
mine is sorta simple but I like it.
still working on mine
everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to who has the coolest set.

but it's mine.
Black is always in style.
does nobody like the DS gear? anyways this is mine, DS normal tier with a different helm. Can't remember where i got the helm though
<<<Nuff Said
I love the flowers that bloom on the shoulders :) And the helm. Doesn't make my head look weird lol
I haven't found one i love with tauren druid yet so I've gone with this

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