Druid Transmogs.

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How's mine look?
An oldie but a goodie. I wanted different shoulders, but these are a little different.
hai thar
hai thar

Like it a lot... 9/10!!
hai thar

Not bad at all, swear it was a rogue coming after me!
I like the recolor Stormrage set. Only took me a week to farm all the items =)

Edit: Forgot to mogg my belt before servers went down, now I look funny D:
Always a solid set 8/10.

I really dislike most leather armor, but I'm trying.
I'm blue baby!
Hey all, btw like a lot of the xmogs I'm seeing here.
Transmog? What's dat?
Hello there friends
I've looked like this since the gear was real. (Minus the helmet and polearm.)
10/10 for two reasons, one I've never seen that set, (even checking transmog websites, how did I see that?_ and two I like how it looks. That might sound silly but the vast majority of leather I've seen is ugly to me.

Here's my resto druid and feral druid set.
TBC rogue reppin'
I just need my chest piece to complete mine because if Blizzard is going to make gear look ugly on me I'm gonna make it even uglier.

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