Druid Transmogs.

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Rogue gear is clearly superior to druid gear.
Too bad the helm for this set looks terrible, but other then that this is a good looking druid set that is cheap (like 800 honor for all the pieces).
Firelands was the first raid I really did right, might be why I'm partial to the gear. And Hellreaver on my back sort of reminds me of Final Fantasy VII!
You could try and look like me ..but you could never be me. :D
Haven't looked at everyones but Fleurs and Fuzzybuddy [looks like wild druid 10/10] from page 1 looks awesome.
I personally adore how I look, one of my favourite transmogs in awhile.
Big fan of mine. But I'm biased.
I like mine. Simple but matches well. Kinda an old school mmo charm
I like bears and stuff.
Bound in bark with foresty colors. But people think my green pants are silly.
7/10. Bias against pants.

Purple and gold! (well sorta)
I like this set.

Edit: Hibernator, those are some huge shoulders. 9/10 for at least looking like a druid.
soup. Be sure to check out my staff, it's pretty much #1 N.A
Is this the support group?

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