Problems connecting in Japan (Website/Mobile)

Website Bug Report
Hello hello!

About a week or so ago, I noticed I could no longer connect to my mobile armory while on SoftBank's network using different devices.

In addition to this, loading Blizzard's pages (including this one, character pages, guilds, anything with on my iPad/iPhone comes up with a blank white page. No errors loading, just loading of a blank page.

This only happens while on SoftBank's 3G/LTE network. At home (@Nifty) there are no issues. When I switch on my VPN to the US, UK, elsewhere - the problems go away and all mobile access is restored to the Mobile Armory and website (which is how I'm able to post this right now, actually.)

So, anyone else having this issue? Any help 'O Wonderful Support Wizards? Thanks a lot! :D

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