488 Lock, 489 SP, 493 Hpally, LF HM Guild!

Me and 2 mates have recently xferred to Frostmourne since our last server was practically dead. We're all experienced raiders who have been around since vanilla and have had raid (inc Heroic) experience throughout all the expansions. We're hoping to raid together but we know that's a big ask but here's to trying.

In T14 we're all 16/16 NM exp with some heroic exp, our Hpally being the most experience. Our lack of progression is due to lack of recruitments and nonretarded players on our previous server. We're an onto it bunch, quick learners, co-operative and fast learners. We have great raid awareness and each know how to play our classes exceptionally well.

25 mans would seem to be our ideal, due to its buff next patch and due to 3 of us wanting to apply, but we'll take 10 mans if the slots are available.

Trial us! Or you'll never know ;P

Message me ingame (Skaxxe [Alliance]) or add my realID Taxxe#1335.

Bump that !@#$e

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