How are disc priest for 2s and 3s in 5.2?

How are disc priest looking for 2s and 3s for next season?

2s with a ret pally and 3s with ret pally hunter.
As you can see my main is Hunt and tested out disc on 5.2 and went 2k easily with a good mage, you'll notice that monk+healer is !@#$ing stupid at the moment and not so sure about your 2s your 3s seems OK but ill go with a rogue instead of ret because thug cleave is back!
now i keep reading people complaining about disc priest that they are getting nerfed alot, and that they are the worts healers atm....
Pretty sure there's no Battle Fatigue on the PTR...
i dunno if there is battle fatigue or not (i thought they actually patched it in at minpojkes request) but disc feels amazing on PTR. not counting the DCs i ran with a few pugs and went somewhere around 55-3. the mana regen was there, the numbers were there. Mind control is awesome... its all good again imo
Disc is terribad now.

Holy with the new focused will implemented is much better now.
disc got buffed in 5.2 with the exception of phantasm nerf. but overall alot better than 5.1, u got 2 open glyphs now, (inner focus and holy fire) so ya. in 2s its mostly mana issues. while in 3s i guess u can say is lack of cc's, u basicly have 1 fear thats pretty solid but u gotta run up 8 yards in order to execute it, which makes u an open target for ranges.
Mana issues on a priest in 5.2 means your partner is playing to win in the first 30 seconds and not mitigating any sort of damage what so ever.

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