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Okay, I'm so lost in more ways then one it's not funny :)

Don't ask why, I feel like getting a Netherdrake.

I know that I have done quite a few of the quests way way way back when, but have no idea where I left off.

I have checked all of the NPC's that might have something to give to me and nothing.

All the folks on the ledge are definitely hostile.

I don't even see the faction on my list and check it three times!

And yes my flying level is at the highest, etc etc.
It sounds like you haven't fully unlocked the Netherwing dailies yet.

Here is a list of all of the quests that lead up to unlocking them:

Check out each quest giver to see where you left off.
Thanks for the reply Selenic, Mordenai was the first one I checked, he has nothing for me :(
(neither does "Nelt")
booyaa found it, it was "Kary" that had it, thanks again Selenic!!
Grats! Enjoy the grind. ;) The mounts are worth it though.

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