Greetings classic 60 vanilla fans!

I run a guild on the server, alliance side, called <Vanilla Days>. We are a classic content based guild focused on raiding level 60 content at level 60. Are you tired of Pandaland dailies and looking for a break to it all? Most people have a character slot on their selection screen open, roll a character and get in the guild!

With a decent amount of BoA gear it takes less than 24 played hours to hit 60. Knock out some pvp along the way and when you ding [Level 60] you will be ready to roll!

What we are not: Cant be clear enough here. We are not a hardcore vanilla only fanboy, all else sucks guild! Blizzard may have its faults, but like it or not we are in patch 5.1 and not 1.12 (final classic patch).

Guild rules:
No one over level 60 allowed in guild
No one over level 60 allowed in raids
Pugging content we are working on is not acceptable
Pugging content we are NOT working on is allowed, until we reach that point.
(As of 02/27/13 we downed AQ20 with very few problems)

We allow 1 pug night a week, Monday night. IRL happens and is more important than wow. If for some reason you did not make raid and are willing to set up your own personal run more power to you. Reset is the next morning so it does not really matter. If you are intentionally skipping raids just so you can solo pug why would you even be here?

All races / classes acceptable.
-- This means DK's, Monks, Shammys, Draenei, and Worgen are all allowed.
-- Keep in mind if you choose DK/Monk there will not be any Teir gear for you.
BC & Wrath gear allowed in raids.
BC & Wrath enchants / gems allowed in raids.
BoA gear allowed in raids.
Black Market Auction House gear is allowed (And is almost always better than BC gear)

-- Many argue this destroys the experience but hear me out. Most of those in the guild have several sets they use. This includes true classic only sets as well as Twink sets. Typically the reason a person wants in a guild like this is to enjoy the remaining level 60 content. Many only use higher level gear until they obtain raid quality gear and switch it over. Again, we are not a classic fanboy guild. We celebrate what Blizzard has given us and don't QQ about roleplaying whinybutt, minor things we can't control.

We have and use Ventrillo for raids and guild chat (thank you Ginder). Guild bank is large and very open.
There is no website to apply to, but I have considered setting up a Facebook page.
Raid times: Tuesday and or Wednesday nights 6:30PM RT.
Pug night: Monday

Any questions please feel free to post them here, or ask me in game. I have many characters I play but Leo is on twice daily. BMAH resets about 2 times a day!
What can you do as a 60, other than PVP?

Four main raids.
- Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20)
- Molten Core (MC)
- Blackwing Lair (BWL)
- Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ40)

Five man content:
Dungeon Finder Que
- Sunken Temple (50-60)
- Blackrock Depths (51-61)
- Lower Blackrock Spire (55-65)
- Upper Blackrock Spire (55-65)
- Hellfire Ramparts (58-67)
- Blood furnace (59-68)
- Slave Pens (60-69)

Removed content: Presumably never coming back.
- Zul'Gurub ( Reworked into an 85 heroic)
- Onyxia's Lair (Reworked into an 80 raid)
- Naxxramas (Reworked into an 80 raid)
- World Dragons (Killed during The Shattering)

-Note on Removed Content: The bulk of important gear from both Onyxia and the world dragons were added into Blackwing Lair. T3 gear from Naxx was reintroduced into the game via the Black Market AH (Starting bid is 10,000g each). ZG gear was completely removed, but it was on par w/ AQ20 and Spire gear.
- Although there have been a lot of content removed, the main bulk of the important gear is still available, to those who work for it.

Crafting - Max level of 375 (Gnome Engineers gain use of Wrath level trinkets)
Gathering - Max level of 450
Just hit level guild level 7, AQ20 planned for tonight! 43 members!
We are growing fast! Already almost 50 members and guild level 7
How do I sign up?!

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