Battle Pets. . . on Mobile Armory

Pet Battles
I really dislike spending my time at home on the computer when I have the opportunity to play World of Warcraft leveling battle pets. It's something I'd like to do, but with the limited amounts of time that I get to play, I often find myself opting for scenarios, heroics, or L.F.R with my wife before RL thwarts us again.

What I do have in the way of spare time is more often when I'm not at home (hour long lunch break at work for example).

I would love to see a battle pets feature worked into the Mobile Armory App on my smart phone, it would be phenomenal to even see the classic starting zones turned into cheesy retro 8/16bit overheads to let your character wander around like you're playing on a Gameboy.

How about it Blizz? Expand the Mobile Armory App for some enhanced fun on the go?

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