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So, I log on today and I kept getting an error that my account info was invalid. (I have had this issue before in the past)
The fix was always log on to and toggle my authenticator. (remove and reattach it to my account)
Well, This time... I am unable to re-attach the authenticator.

I get the error "An Error Has Occurred: Invalid Authenticator Code.

I decided to remove it for now and went on to play...
I've tried many different new combinations and even gave it a 4 hour difference (was busy raiding and pvping)
Came back, problem is still persisting...

Is it maybe my authenticator is to old? And Blizzard no longer supports those old ones? (I have the one I bought from Blizzard back in 2010 - by vasco - uses 6 digits -My daughter has a newer one that uses 8 digits - both use 10 digit identifier on the back though)
Or, it there someway I can get the database to re calibrate my authenticator?

I seen this thread:

Similar issue... but that was Months Ago!
I still have an old 6 digit keychain version that works great so they are supported. Sometimes as they get older though they can become de-synched with the server. I am guessing that is the case seeing as you can't put the Auth back on. You can:

1. Get a new mobile phone version for free and attach that to your account
2. Order a new keychain from the Blizzard store

Something else you should do - a full malware and virus scan to ensure your PC is clean. I would then change the password. I say this just in case someone has your info and the lack of Auth will now allow them in. Better safe than sorry. Malwarebytes free version is highly recommended. Run the FULL, not quick, scan with the game up and gibberish typed in the login fields.
Ya, I was thinking of getting a new one 8(

I own and run Trend Micro Maximum Security
And I changed my PW as soon as I dropped the Authenticator

Thanks for the advice!
Just sad to see that I would have to get a new authenticator I guess...
(when this one works)
Open up a support ticket and they should be able to resync your keychain authenticator if it has lost sync.

Then there is no need to get a new one. :)
Sometimes the ticket works for the keychain...other times it does not :( I ended up having to get a new one when this happened to me.
It's possible it just became unsyncd - the mobile versions have that functionality in the app itself.

This wasn't used on any other account, was it? The reason I ask is that at one time that was allowed, but it hasn't been for awhile. Old accounts were grandfathered but if the authenticator was ever removed it couldn't be readded on multiple accounts.
Nope, Only ever on this account.
It's not a phone app or anything like that. It is the key chain.

For the last few months, every so often it would seem to fall out of sync and I had to remove it and re add it back to the account. But this time I got this error.
(I actually carry it on my keys - the button prolly gets pushed in my pocket, which makes the numbers jump all over...)

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