My Android app is giving me the wrong info.

Mobile Bug Report
My android app for samsung told me in the auction house that i was buying a piece of amazing armour with ridiculous stats. So of course i instantly bought it for the asking price (very high considering items level)
When i get home to put on this piece of armour i find out it has basically no good stats at all and i just payed 250g for nothing.

Any answers?
All i really want is my money back so i can use it on some useful stuff
If there was an error in the WoW logs, a Game Master will be able to determine that. Unfortunately, I do not provide any customer support services beyond taking bug reports and helping troubleshoot around issues.

While I investigate the application for a potential bug, you may submit a customer support ticket in-game or via the following link:

To help us with our testing, please also provide:

  • Device model
  • OS version
  • Mobile Armory version
  • Network carrier
  • Is your device rooted?
  • Specific details on the item(s) you purchased which caused this situation to occur.
I had created a ticket, and supplied a screenshot, it was on my Galaxy S3 4G. It was the most up to date version as it was the day after i downloaded it. I was using it on telstra, The device is working 100% fine, and it was something like the Buccaneer's Leggings of the Owl. Had ridiculous stats.

But when my ticket got answered i was basically told that yes it wasnt my fault and that there was a problem with the system, but tough !@#$ because they werent going to fix it.

It was a suggestion to make a thread about it. To see if there were any other answers to my problem, but yeah aparently not.
Ah, it's an item with a random modifier. We're working to address issues with random modifiers in the Mobile Armory, but we've had some roadblocks.

Creating a thoughtful thread is always a good idea imo, if there isn't already a thread on it. Even if you don't get precisely what you asked for, you help foster positive change.

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