Holy Pally in 5.2

I know that from patch notes nothing much changed for holy pally apart from taking 2 sec off lights hammer and self EF buff but wasn't there a a small buff for the Light of Dawn in 5.2? i can't find the source or am I imagining things again....

can any fellow Holydins confirm this? if yes can u find the source for me xD?
Only place i found out is here:

Then again.. its PTR for now so.

Only Thing i find interesting is:
"The Hand of Purity now reduces all incoming damage by 10% in addition to its other effects"
but who knows ... maybe they'll make a huge CD on it.
The buff to Light of Dawn was in a previous patch. +5%

Light's hammer has an AoE slow which is nice but yeah, nothing much has changed.

The new 4pc is amazing though. 20% more beacon transfer. I wonder if it applies to Holy Light as well, making it so it heals the beacon target for 120% of the heal.

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