[H] 492 Prot Pally with Lock Alt LF guild

Hey, I'm a new transfer from a different server! \

I'm gonna keep this short:

I'm a fairly experienced pally tank with all bosses (16/16) down on normal. I'm looking for a fun group of friends to raid and do progression with. I also have a 478 warlock that I'm slowly working on gearing.

I am leaving my current guild strictly because of the language barrier during raid. They are a predominantly Korean guild and I do not speak their language.

feel free to send me an ingame message or mail if you're interested!

Ht me up in game bro. Just do a /who squad and you will find one of my toons.
<Casually Hardcore> 16/16 normal 4/16 heroic, is currently recruiting a prot pally for our 10 man progression group. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday at 8:30-midnight. Check out our website to find out more about the guild and find me in game tonight after 8:30 to discuss a potential raid spot this week.

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