[H]The Highland Cohort Reroll server chosen!

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Website: http://z13.invisionfree.com/RPReroll/index.php?act=idx

The Highland Cohort is a horde guild that will be attempting to bring together a group of people to reroll together around the same time. We believe a new start where people can link their back stories together and continue to grow as they level.

While we are an RP guild we will be hoping to do PvE content and PvP RBGs / world Pvp events. We haven't yet picked a server to begin our reroll on.

The back story of the guild is a band of horde that survived the crash during the air raid into the twilight highlands. After seeing Hellscream's reckless command, the group stayed together deciding to stick to their own devices in dealing with the enemies of the horde.

This allows for any of the members of the horde to become apart of the Cohort, and this also is in line with the current happenings in Azeroth of the races beginning to question Hellscream's command.

Come join the Cohort and help us begin a new in Azeroth.
My interest is based largely on where you guys roll.
You are going to a lot of effort for a reroll. I understand you are trying to gather serious rpers. Making more hoops to jump through is going to weed out the chaff. True dedicated rpers are usually already involved in a storyline or just do not have time for another reroll.

I wish you luck and hope you make up your minds soon where you are going to do this. I think it might be better if you just picked a server and do a charter. At least give people in game something to see and react to instead of vague hints as to what you are all about.

Maybe you could write up a story involving this crash and show the forums how well you can write up some interesting rp?
Well we really want this to be a group effort to pull together. That's why we haven't rolled a server yet. We're keeping the options open so that people can vote for a server they prefer.
We have chosen a server! Wyrmrest Accord! We will be rerolling at 1:00PM(PST) Server time!

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