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02/25/2013 10:19 PMPosted by Heradura
I think they're gonna hold off on new races and use the new race models as a selling point instead. If we're going against the Legion again next expansion, I think it'd fit better if there weren't any new races at all. It should be about development of the current races and the stories of their coming together or not.

Hey, a space expansion is a great time to add Etherals!
Why can't they just be Night Elves?

Even if it's a different culture, they're still Elves. They still have "beef" with the Quel'thalas issue. More so, even, because they're the Elves that had something against reckless magic use before the High Elves did.

Because they are not the same.

It's like any other race. "Why don't you just play this green one, instead of asking for Goblins? They're both green!". That's just like comparing Red Pandas with Pandas because they happen to have the same name.

Just to clarify, WoW goes through the "race" concept, not "species". So, technically, races are just races, nothing like "they're both Elves". It merely happens that the both "Elves" don't look as different as Orcs and Draenei when compared.

Also, this "beef" didn't seem to affect Night Elves decisions at all. Even Tyrande who is quite the follower of the Night Elf ways, was ready to help Blood Elves when they needed. Any "beef" here is just due the Horde/Alliance conflict. There's no reason to believe they would have any problem with High Elves.

Besides, I think a big part of the reason why people want High Elves on the Alliance is because of the looks, not the lore. Having a traditional Elf race on the human faction is, like, tradition, dude.

Night Elves are pretty great for that role, but they don't always look the part.

I totally disagree.

If that were true, not so many people would be asking, considering there is an Elf race already. And if they didn't care about lore, they might just play Blood Elves.

Something that happens is, people like the looks or the High Elven lore, but they hate the Horde. So, when Blizz put Blood Elves on the Horde, it was like a punch in the face, and they were either forced to abandon it or go Horde.

If there were no High Elves on the Alliance, and in what seems to be more than enough numbers to be organized and make a difference, then it would be fine to not add them. But after so much, it will be pretty much like another punch in the face if Alleria comes back and no High Elves for us. Worse, if they just throw her with the Blood Elves.
If they could ever fit into the story, I'd honestly love to play as a Jinyu or a Hozen.

Essentially just regular orcs...

Dark Elves (Forsaken High Elves):

Name is nearly identical to night elves, and could probably just be a skin for blood elves


Possibly... They're pretty much the same case as the goblins were. Why not? :P


Thar be a lot of Horde races. I guess this one wouldn't be a bad choice if there weren't other races to choose from. They feel very Horde-y though.


As a separate faction, yes. Kind of like a starting zone where you break away from the rest? I don't mind this as long as it's not all of the naga joining the horde. Maybe we could have a second neutral?

Ew, not murlocs. Revisting, and maybe even restoring the long-lost Jinyu empire would be cool.

High Elves

No, no a million times no. We already have 2 elf races. We don't need more. Having them playable is bad, because there aren't really that many left anyways. Everyone would hate this.


If we go by Blizzard's word of "seeding" future playable races based on this expansion, then the most likely would be hozen and jinyu or ogres and high elves. I think that although they definitely could fit within the Horde and Alliance, hozen and jinyu are likely to become irrelevant after Pandaria. I'm sure though they will still make some token appearances in future expansions, like as quest givers or something to that effect.

Ogres have had a fairly representative showing in WoW. They are in quite a bit of zones and the ones who you don't kill as mobs are aligned with the Horde. Some are huge, but others are tauren sized which could be a playable version's height. There is even a two-headed ogre mage from Brackwell named Or'dac that helps out the Horde at Domination Point. My paranoid and hopeful mind sees this as a note from Blizzard that "Hey! Horde ogres still exist! They're going to be playable!" If they do indeed become playable, I would totally make an two-headed ogre mage.

High elves are getting quite a bit of attention this expansion, which boggles me. They are supposedly a dying race even more so than blood elves. Yet there they are popping up everywhere. In the Burning Crusade we saw a few high elves in Outland, but not in great number. Then there's the attention in Wrath of the Lich King. There are a good number of them in the 7th Legion. And of course who could forget the Silver Covenant? Cataclysm comes around and we see slight attention given. Some become wretched others are being helped by the Alliance (IIRC there's a lodge in Hinterlands with high elves being aided by draenei and dwarves). Most recently with Mists of Pandaria they are the driving force of the Purge of Dalaran. High elves are going to play a part in 5.2 against the Sunreaver Onslaught as well.

I used to see high elves as completely off the table as a playable. Yet, these recent developments makes wonder what could possibly be the meaning of their recent appearances? I guess I could see high elves getting different models with unique animations and features but still see a resemblance between them and blood elves. If I were to guess what other possible use Blizzard is using them for it would be either to pave way for Alleria's return or just to use them as a foil to the blood elves.
This makes it the 6th time in as many days where I have to say this.

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