Transmog help: Sketchy holy paladin!

Hey! So today I decided my new life choice should be to develop a presence as a PvE healadin. But I also love transmog, and I love making this paladin look like she's a terrible scrub— i.e. beat-up dirty gear and a wooden sword for ret.

Now I'm gonna be Holy, and I want to look like I've gotten more people killed than most DPS have. What kind of bloodied-up / rusty plate gear can I find? Any pointers for specific sets/areas/item names?

Thanks for any help I can get. c:
do warrior offsets or tank gear lol

try to look as much like a dk as possible too
I always found holy paladins to look more anglic than dark. However to each his own. I would recommend however if you want to look like a PvP paladin to go with the Naxx 10 DK gear that drops form bosses (the dark blue or light blue set), make titansteel boots and for a shield I tend to use the Royal Crest of Lordaeron from heroic Culling. As for the weapon I would recommend Guiding Star from 25man Razorescale. If you have atlas loot see what I am talking about

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