Holy PVE Help!

Hey can you guys look me over and give me some advice? Reforging? or gemming?
What content are you aiming for? I can see you're gemming spirit but for LFR you might actually have a bit more than you need provided you're using Plea on cooldown. You might be able to swap out for some Int gems to add more firepower to your heals (through spell power).

Most holy pallies are reforging into mastery as illuminated healing is generally 25-30% of your heals (it's usually my top or 2nd top heal) and it procs from nearly everything you do.

Generally speaking for raid healing Eternal Flame will give you more bang for buck (because you can blanket a few people) than Sacred Shield (1 target only) but it depends on the fight and your assignment.
You'll need to ask more specific questions if you want answers in this thread. If your looking for general help, try the holy paladin sticky at the top of the paladin thread.
I don't see any reforging going on.

Based on your gems, it looks like you are going the mastery route. I'd reforge to mastery, but leave the haste alone unless you think you can get to 3506 (for the EF tick). Let that catch up with gear upgrades and then reassess as you gem the pieces you replace.

I notice you have Jade Spirit on the weapon. I went with Windsong, as was much happier with that. You might consider trying it. Both have their advantages.
Reforge out of haste into mastery
They are right about the reforge. But i will give you some good advice as they are giving you crap. Change you protector and avenging glyphs to divinity and divine plea. that will boost you mana pool greatly through a fight. Second get rid of all your mastery gems. If you can always use full int, if you need to match for bonus use int/mast. I would even get rid of some of your full spirit gems for int/spi. If you use those two glyphs you can lose alot of spirit and be fine. I only run at 9.8k full buff/flask/food and dont oom. Time your divine plea correctly, i use it after about the first 50k mana and then every cd as long as no one is in danger. And take focus mana pots and use when possible. Like elegon i can do divine plea and pot during pillar phase right before final stack and burn to top mana fully. I would also use speed of light talent but thats just me.
Not really sure what I want to do. I have always focused on PVP but now I wanna do raid content. I used LFR just to gear up. But I wanna push further into end game raiding.
Thanks for the help Mermadia. That was very helpful advise
Going to have to disagree with Mermadia here. Gemming spirit when not "overgearing" content is a no brainer. Most paladins place Spirit about equal to Intellect, but secondaries give twice the value on gems so you're basically getting half the value out of your gems by gemming intellect (or in the case of a hybrid gem about 75%)

It all depends on what your goals are, but if you want to be clearing normal modes what I would suggest is full spirit gems in yellow slots, except in cases where the socket bonus is spirit in which case I would gem spi/mastery. For red slots it will depend heavily on the socket bonus, but it's a similar situation - bad bonus=gem +320 spirit / good bonus=int/spirit

I would also suggest reforging all crit and haste to mastery or spirit if you have some pieces without spirit (you don't currently)

tl;dr - stack spirit and mastery
again my spirit is only 9.8k with flask and food.
Duboomchikin you are giving him bad advice as he is already far above my spirit.
There is a thing called berserk you know.....
Meaning ending the fight with 180k mana you are wasting way too much on spirit instead of actually heals (int/mast)
I am actually over spirit even imo. 9k should be fine.
Intel is biggest boost to heal, mastery take % of heal to absorb.
For single target heals, HS EF HL =win and never oom
AoE heals, RG HS(proc) LoD= win and never oom
Again if you need mana LoH, or use DP with glyph, im sure there is a 5second window in every fight. Utilize potions. You wast to be a smart powerful healer, not someone that just spams and gets lucky.
Spirit is not the ultimate stat, intel is and always will be. And with the bigger heals comes bigger absorbs from LoD. Making mastery next. We have glyphs and items to help with mana why would you waste stats on it?

Duboomchikin you are giving him bad advice as he is already far above my spirit.

"Your spirit" is irrelevant. He's WAY below "My spirit" so clearly he is too low, right?

No, his spirit is too low because it should be as high as possible. Nearly every well performing PvE holy paladin will tell you that spirit is king. You may disagree, but it's your personal preference and not backed by numbers at all.
OP - feel free to take a look at the stickied "guide" located here - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7593619672
I'm sure other people have already stated this but your stat priority is:
Intell > spirit > mastery > haste > crit

Reforge into as much spirit and mastery as you can.

The gems you should be using are: 320 spirit, 160 spirit and 160 mastery and 80 intell and 160 spirit. if you're still having mana issues sacrifice a few non spirit socket bonuses for pure spirit gems. Use EF and DP or holy avenger and max your holy shock usage and you'll be set.

Also if you already have a 4 pc pvp set (even if it's the 458 ilvl) use that with my previous advice. If you don't already have it DON'T BUY IT.

If all you're doing is LFR it's almost completely irrelevant what you do but once you start 10mans or 25m then you'll need to use this stat priority.

Compare what i've cleared compared to Mermadia and decide who you would rather listen to. Performance in LFR doesn't mean anything.
If you plan on doing any actual raiding then having extra spirit will always be your friend. I always choose the spirit flask myself and will continue to do so until I feel comfortable with my mana levels without it.
Also, it depends on your raid group. If your raid group is good at avoiding the avoidable damage and generally only takes damage that cannot be avoided, you may be better off with sacrificing some spirit for intellect. However, if your raid group stands in fire and takes cleaves to the face then the extra spirit will help account for the extra mana you have to spend in keeping them alive. Ultimately, it is spirit = comfort level (for your environment).
There is so much bad advice in here I don't even know where to begin...

First of all, if you've read his responses to his original post, he states that he wants to get into end game raiding (not LFR). I can not think of any circumstances, at your gear level, where you will want to avoid spirit stacking. You should aim for pure 320 spirit gems in every socket that does not have a good bonus. Otherwise use int/spirit and spirit/mastery. Do not listen to the people who haven't even cleared normal modes yet about gemming full int and mastery(?).

The general consensus is int~>spirit>mastery>>haste>>crit. You gem spirit because you get double the amount versus int. Likewise, you should flask/food int because it's only a 1:1 ratio of int:spirit.

Talents: Is there a particular reason you're using purity? There is only one or two fights in the current tier where it's actually beneficial to take it over clemency. Also, drop SS and pick up EF if you want to strive for HPS and get the most bang for your buck out of HP. In 10 man especially, you will be rarely casting LoD. The last tier is pretty interchangeable (especially in 10 man) depending upon boss fight - you will just need to get a feel for it.

Glyphs: You will definitely want protector of the innocent and divinity. You have neither. The third slot is a preference typically between BoL, FoL, and DP.

The playstyle is basically maximizing HP gains so you can EF blanket the raid. Cast HR when the group is stacked (even lightly), holy shock on CD, and EF. You can DL and HL at will and use CDs whenever you feel they're needed.

The PvP set was an amazing bonus, but unfortunately is being nerfed come tomorrow. You will not be able to EF blanket as easily, but it will still be your top spell.

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