For all those who play/or have trial accounts

Aerie Peak
I think it would be nice if trials can make their very own guilds and only invite other trial members. It would also be more better if the names for all trial members were to be a diff color. Like purple or so. That way other players will know their trial so they don't have to post guild invites to them.

P.S I should know. I contacted about a few guildless players who were below lvl 20 and they were ALl trial -______-
02/26/2013 07:46 PMPosted by Chaingirl
Is there a function called report for retardation?

There is a function already in place to allow trial accounts to make guilds and do everything a level 90 can do.

Buy an account.
Trials used to be able to join, and even make guild back in BC. What happened was that gold farmers/sellers used trial account to advertise their "services" without risk of anything important being banned... and that's why there are so many restrictions on trials now.
The name tag idea is good.

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