[A] < Legends of War > LF Core Raiders 11PM

Legends of War On Darkspear Alliance side. Looking for core raid members to finish our raid team

Raid times will be as Follows:
T 11PM server -2 AM server
W 11PM server -2 AM server
Th 11PM server -2 AM server

We are currently looking 1 of the following:

Resto Shaman
Holy Pally
Resto Druid
MW Monk

Add me on Battletag at Mines51#1298
My skype is Mines51
bumpity bump bump
You guys still looking to fill/create this?
Yes, we need more DPS, so far we can clear MV with PuG players in 1 night, and some HoF.

Need more dps, no melee, need ranged.
I hate Muffins
shut up shade.
Need teh heals!

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