[H] <Ðefîance> 10m 3/12 LF lock + disc

Area 52
<Ðefîance> is a newly-formed Horde 10 man raiding guild on Area 52. The officers are server transfers with significant raid and raid leading experience (ahead of the curve content of 16/16N, 1/16H, elite protectors).

Our current guild progression is 15/16N 5.1 content, 3/12N ToT.

We are a mixed group of male and female adults seeking fellow dedicated raiders to progress through Throne of Thunder. We are now also actively seeking PvPers to join our ranks.

Our raid schedule is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 8pm-11pm Eastern time (server time).

Our current class recruitment needs for our core team are (Updated April 19):
Tanks: None
Melee dps: None
Ranged dps: Warlock
Healers: Disc priest

Exceptional applicants from class/specs not listed are encouraged to contact an officer. We are now also seeking reserve and casual raiders for back up slots.

What we offer you:
- An opportunity to kill some bad guys (and maybe some good guys) and earn some gear at a high level.
- A guild of friendly, like-minded people who enjoy the balance between focus and having fun.
- The standard 'guild bank, tabard, mumble server' package.

What we expect:
- Minimum 500 ilvl for core positions. High level raid experience is a plus, but not necessarily required. To be combined with the next point...
- Willingness to look up strats and understand the raid you're going into. We're not wiping for an hour because you didn't watch a 7 minute youtube guide. Though we cover mechanics before the pull (along with assignments and cooldown rotations as needed), you should know what we're talking about before the 'don't stand in fire' speech.
- Understanding of your class and spec, and the changes patches bring. Getting buffed, getting nerfed, changes to spells? You need to know your class. Not seeking out theorycrafters, but if you don't know your own stat priority, it's a problem. Constructive criticism comes into this, too. We won't be pulling apart your rotation, but if you're standing in fire and falling behind, we'll expect a mature response to a discussion about it. No feet stomping and "You're not my real dad!" here.
- Commitment. We all know that sometimes life hits you in the face, but we expect you to turn up to raid on time and ready unless there's a good reason. "I had to walk my cat" is not a good reason.
- Using Mumble and appropriate add-ons. We expect our raiders to be able to communicate during combat, so willingness to voice talk is a must. Usage of DBM is also mandatory, with the expectation of class/role-dependent add-ons used appropriately. If you can dispel quickly without decursive, all power to you. If you can't, we expect you to have it.
- Adhering to our guild's 'Do's and Don'ts'. Raids don't function without respect for your fellow raiders. We need to be holding to a common goal, with a common way of getting to it. If you have a hard time not treating your guildies well, and not listening to your raid leaders, then this probably isn't the guild for you. We don't rule with an iron fist, nor do we make everyone group hug (unless we've downed a progression boss, then maybe...) but we do expect our raiders to work well together.

Exceptional applicant but don't meet one/some of these requirements? Speak to an officer if you're still interested and we'll see what we can do for you.

We are looking to add PvP'ers to our happy little family for rated battlegrounds, arena and the like. A number of us are active pvp'ers and we are keen to continue this on Area 52. We have a dedicated PvP officer and rank, and a number of our raiders are pvp'ers in their off-time. We'd like to see a regular guild rbg group happening, and we already have arena teams going.

We're friendly, we don't stand in fire, and some of us sound cute on Mumble. If it sounds like you'll fit in, please stop by http://area52defiant.enjin.com/ and drop in a quick application.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our officers Mercurîous (battletag Enosh#1922) or Ogrïm in-game, or reply to this post with the easiest way to get in touch with you for a chat.
Still looking for players!
Battletag is Enosh#1922, feel free to contact either myself or Feinna.
Faction bump
Heya, just came back after couple years away, and found most of old running buddies/guildies are gone. Looking for an opportunity to raid.

Main spec Resto/ offspec Ele, competent, in all roles, better healer IMO.

Came back mid Jan, after couple years away running Rift, SWTOR, Raided Since beginning of Lich King, and was in raiding guilds through Rift (played rift through Hammerknell) and SWTOR (cleared all endgame content in 1st 2 months of launch, including hard modes).
Geared as much as I can be in month and a half I have been back (Ilv 476, about to be 480, replacing bracers this week) through LFR. I find myself in the unfortunate sweet spot, where most guild that need someone, are past where I am at gear wise, and/or getting set up for 5.2.

Looking for a place to call home, a team that needs mature, quality players, and some peeps to go knock some crap around with and have some fun. Willing to server transfer if it means an opportunity to raid.

Wow armory link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Drenden/Sugarfoot/simple
Battletag: sugar#1538
Still recuiting a guardian druid, rogue, and ranged DPS!
Recruitment slots updated.
Bump for a good Mage or Warlock!
Still looking for a mage or Warlock!
Bump for a Stabby stab rogue!
Common Rogue, Mage or Warlock!
Interested in joining, submitted an app on your website.
Zohkan, an officer will be in touch with you in-game. Keep an eye out for us :)

Recruitment needs updated! Bear and lock, gogo!
bump for Bear Tank and Lock!
Sunday morning bump
Bumping for recruitment update. Just need our fuzzy tank and we're set for 5.2!
Still looking for a guardian druid.
Still looking for a tank. Please contact an officer in-game if you're interested.
Recruitment needs updated. Looking for a rogue and casual/reserve raiders who don't want to take the game too seriously, but still experience content when we have a slot free.

Please contact an officer or drop by the guild site if this sounds like you.
Updated again, looking for a rogue or a windwalker monk. Also looking for casual/reserve raiders for back up slots.

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