[H] <Ðefîance> 10m 3/12 LF lock + disc

Area 52
Bump for recruitment.
Still looking!
Updated recruitment. Seeking a treehealer for a core raid spot, plus a pool of casuals/reserves and pvp'ers!
Still looking for a tree!
After a tree of the healing variety. Come to ToT with us :D
Updated requirements. We are not actively recruiting for core slots right now, though all applications will be reviewed.

We are looking for casuals/reserves who just want to step in on the odd night and give us a hand (and get loot!), and for other PvPers to join our growing team.
Bumping for updated recruitment needs (rogue + mage).

Reserves/casuals and PvP'ers welcome :)
Updated. Need a rogue/feral and a warrior!
Bumping. Raiding sucks when you're recruiting.
Bumping for update. Would be nice to get some casuals/reserves in for when IRL hits :)
Bumping for a lock. Interested in bringing them along tonight for fresh ToT as a trial. Contact an officer if it seems like you'd be a good fit for us.
I am a 508 lock looking for a raid spot 6/12. I was looking for more progression but your hours work well hit me up via game
Added you to my flist, Vernick. Feel free to add Merc/myself to realid if you can't find me on my priest :)
Bump for warlock and disc priest.

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