Are there any entry-level raiding groups?

Area 52
I've been so far out of the loop this expansion. I haven't even seen 1 boss in MSV. I have played hardcore before a few expansions ago, but it's just not for me anymore. On top of that, my Cataclysm raiding guild (who did DS in two hours without wipes every week, not that DS is/was hard) has since fallen apart. I'm a pretty quick learner, and I would like to try some raiding in MoP. It seems like Area 52 has a thousand and one hardcore guilds/groups, but none that are willing to take some beginners and craft experienced raiders from them like they used to. Maybe I'm just blind, though. I also have a girlfriend that is in the same boat that I am, so there's two people ready and willing to learn (and I'm not expecting even 6/6 MSV first week, I'd be happy to down the Stone Guards).

Mostly what I'm looking for is a friendly group to learn with. Please let me know if such a group exists on this server. Post here or message me in game if I'm on. Thanks!

Edit: I'm really primarily looking to have some fun with people who are also MoP noobs. If you are in the same boat that I'm in, feel free to post a reply and perhaps we could even start something ourselves.
Hi Sol!

Highborne is currently recruiting for a raid group that runs Sunday night from 8-11pm EST and 9pm-12 Monday. This group is made up of raiders who cannot make the same days as our current group as well as geared alts and a few "MoP noobs". If you would like more info or an invite whisper Presbuteros, Hachoo or Thronos in game.
Hey Solta, I am levelling an alt to 90 and plan on starting a fresh raid team, primarily for people who are new to raiding and want to learn. I have extensive raid leadership experience from WOTLK so I am not exactly a newbie but I got back to the expansion late as you have :) The rest of our small (so far) guild have been transfers from a different MMO.

Send me an ingame mail or add Nuzz#1445 battletag. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Hello Sôlta,

You seem to be a perfect fit for what my core is looking for! <Lux Aeterna> is a guild new to the server Area 52 after being transferred from a dead realm. Our Core 2 is currently looking for 2 more members to fill the rest of our core! I have no issue teaching and explaining fights, strats, etc. I can tell you about how we raid and all of that, but I feel that you would get a better chance understanding how we do thing by joining us in a raid or two. If you would like to talk more than toss me a battletag invite!


I hope to hear from you!
<Sinners and Saints> has a Prot warrior position open if you are interested for our core 10man group. We use mumble instead of vent. Our raid times are from 9pm to 11pm server, 2 days a week. Most of our members play in the evenings but I myself play all day so you can contact via ingame or through battletag at Lepercy#1101
We just started a guild that sounds like it is a perfect fit for you. We have 6 members and are currently trying to form a 10 man core. We are all beginning raiders just wanting to learn together and casually raid. We have a couple of members still gearing so we aren't raiding yet but we are running heroics and raid finder together and organizing weekly world boss kills. The name of the guild is Thrilling Heroics and we would be happy to have you. Just let me know if you're interested.

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