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Hello, Rogue since 'nilla is actually digging holy paladin, I've always played around with it, but never really in earnest and decided to level it up when some of my guilds members schedules became more vulnerable by the dread realities of life. Never played holy since dead mines, I researched Tailias thread, made changes, and tried my hand at it and I actually enjoy the change in pace.

Problem is after taking her through lfr, I didn't do bad, but I was having an increasingly difficult time spot healing because my raid frames were inaccurate, when I tried to spot heal someone, sometimes it would target someone completely at random and i really don't care why, I just really need to update my ui and was wondering what you use. My old ui only needed me to track a few things and i had to keep it at a minimum as to watch the raid (I'm an officer, i need to spot problems so we can correct them on future attempts and have the best position to do this), i need a lil more than that now. Any suggestions with ui or otherwise would be appreciated.

plz don't hiss at me cuz im a rogue
Here's my UI: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1906/uicap.jpg

It's just Altz UI from WoW Interface with its' raid frames hidden. I'm using Grid instead, which I have below the target frame, to the right of the player frame.

If you have trouble keeping track of CDs for abilities, grab Weak Auras and use that as well.
Oh, and I grabbed bartender to fix the action bars up a bit, but the default Altz UI version is fairly close to what I have anyway. Nothing too fancy.

Holy Power is displayed as thin bars right on top the player frame.

<- main is Tori, the forums won't let me choose her on my character list for some reason.
Much appreciated tori, I'll try em out

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