494 Spriest lf new guild !

Hi all =) There are a few things I'm looking for in my new guild!
- Number one thing I'm looking for is consistency!
-I don't want to be pugging every week Fthat!
- I'm looking to squeeze in to a core 10 or 25 man guild that's looking to raid HM'S in 5.2 and push for server high ranking.
- Really looking for a big guild that has a few raid teams going. as well as rated battlegrounds. I have a few geared alts that id like to raid and pvp on.
Please leave as much info about your guild as you can
Help me find a new guild=)
what days n times can u make?
any days or nights
We are in dire need of a spriest, we raid 1-5am Wed/Thurs/Mon. However you have 0 HM's done and were 9/16H almost 10/16H, but i can give you a run if your interested and test you out since 5.2 is just around the corner.

I will have a spot i could trial you on Sunday 1-5am (extra added day) for H MSV 6/6 if interested send me mail in game, make sure you research H spirit Kings + Will of the emp.

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