Inconsistant DPS output.. Help!


I have been reading ways to boost my dps and I read and reread the Shadow guide provided here on the forum. I have been trying to figure out why my dps is so inconsistent. Some nights during raid I have good dps and other nights it is less than acceptable for my gear level.

I understand that using the training dummies isn't always reliable but my opening sequence fetches me about 110k dps and then after a couple rotations it just drops down to 25-30k and I can't seem to bring it up - following the whole MB immediately when available, using DP with 3 orbs only, etc etc. I know that opening burst dps is always going to be much higher but dropping that low, doesn't sound right to me.

I am looking to you all for some help. I need a fresh pair of eyes that maybe can see something that I am missing. I was looking through the logs and my stats were comparable to the other shadow priest in my guild so I don't know where the disconnect is in my game play.

My raid leader likes us to use Mr. Robot for gear checking and as a helpful tool so I try to follow that standard it gives me when I am checking myself out. With that, I fixed myself a bit this morning and tried the training dummy again along with just standard dailies and my dps was much higher than it has been.

I would just like to have more experienced set of eyes take a look at me and see if there is anything I'm missing or some tips.

Links to my info:

Armory ... a/advanced

World of Logs

Thank you very much for your help!

I would reforge bracers from mastery to haste. You are missing haste cap by about 75 points. That should help your dps a bit.
1. Upgrade your weapon.


3. You should probably play a little more with reforge, you're above the hit cap (15%) and bellow haste cap (24.97% or 8085 haste)

4. Avoid gemming for straight Haste. Always use +320 Intellect for Red slots, +80 Intellect +160 Haste for Yellow ones and +80 Int +160 Spirit for Blue ones. (unless it's the only way for you to get above haste cap, but don't overdo it)

5. Get +170 Haste enchant on your boots. You can use B&S/Feathers/Glyph of Mind Flay to move around. I suggest you dump Glyph of Dispersion.

6. Download Weakauras. Make macros for all your procs and cds (Blessing of Celestials, Inner Brilliance, Jade Spirit, Potion of Jade Serpent // Mind Blast, Halo, Shadowfiend, SWD). I can send you mine, if you want. (Absolution#1469)

^ My Stone Guards H log.
Gonna look at just the stone guard kill.

1) Your talent choice was just odd. ToF over DI on stoneguard? Stoneguard was tailor made for DI.

2) 75% uptime on Pain and 69% on VT? This is rough. Get tidyplates and a dottimer, and start tracking your dots if you haven't started already.

3) Let's just roll with your ToF choice. Assuming no DI, mind blast comes off cooldown every 8 seconds. Over a roughly 420 second fight, you mind blasted 25 times. This means you mind blasted nearly every 17 seconds. This is low. Really low.

I'll stop there. Go to howtopriest and read up a bit. Get a dot tracker, and get weak auras to help you track important cd's. There is a ton of dps you are missing out on.
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