Discipline Macros

I'm curious about macros my fellow discipline priests use aswell as comments about the few I've created. These include:
1. "Immunity"
Fade + Inner Focus (I have phantasm talent + glyph of inner focus)
This makes me untargetable by ranged attacks plus immunity to stuns for a minimum of 3 secs
2. "Desperate Heal"
Healthstone + Desperate Prayer - Gives me 50% of my health instantly
3. "Quick Bubble"
Spirit Shell + Power Infusion
These ones have saved me many times:

/cast !Mass Dispel

/cast !Power Word: Barrier

If you're a button masher, these allow you to spam cast ground-targeted spells without losing the reticule. Also helpful for Psyfiend I imagine.

Would it be worthwhile to make a macro that uses Desperate Prayer right after Void Shift?
I'll have to try those out, and yes, desperate heal after void shift sounds like a necessity 9 out of 10 times where void shift would be practical. Although maybe not so much for PvP as I find myself the enemy's favorite punchbag with full health or not as soon as I'm in range.
My current pet project;

/cast [@mouseover,help][@targettarget,nodead,harm][help][harm][@player][] Penance

Extremely helpful with the 5.2 mechanics. Give it a shot and see. :)
Void Shift+Desperate Prayer is a pretty common one. Actually I don't have a lot that are disc-specific, since I have everything keybound, even rarely-used stuff.

One I do particularly like that's generic-
/cast [mod:alt,harm] Shackle Undead
/cast [mod:alt,help] Fear Ward
/castsequence [nomod,harm] reset=20 Void Tendrils, Psychic Scream

For real PVP I'd sometimes change the last one to Scream then Psyfiend/VT, but usually I like harassing enemy healers.
Another good set of combined abilities (stance:1 is shadowform)

/use [nomod,stance:1] Potion of the Jade Serpent
/cast [nomod,stance:1] Shadowfiend
/castsequence [nomod,stance:0] reset=55 Shadowfiend, Alchemist's Rejuvenation
/castsequence [mod:alt] reset=300 Hymn of Hope, Potion of Focus

and a *big* ugly-
/cast [mod:alt,harm][stance:1,harm,combat]Dispel Magic
/castsequence [nocombat][mod:alt,noharm]reset=9 Inner Fire, Power Word: Fortitude
/cast [nomod,@mouseover,help][nomod,@focus,help][]Purify
/equipset [spec:2]Holy; [stance:1]Shadow; [spec:1]Disc
/use 0 1

(the /use 0 1 is my alchemist's flask, always in the same bag slot) Offensive dispel, buffs, friendly dispel and auto-equipping the right gear. Multipurposed the hell out of that button.

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