World Boss Chat Channel for 5.2! "worldboss"

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Use /join worldboss for Oondasta sightings in 5.2! Or other world boss stuff. It's tap to faction now so it's all about just getting the word out.

Oondasta page on

Loot table:

Boss abilities:

Also feel free to use this thread to post kill times and other comments.

Compiled Oondasta Information:

-Lootable via CRZ
-Cannot be looted more than once a week on the same character, even with CRZ
-CRZ majority rules still apply, the most players need to be from the host server or it'll phase you off, so space is usually limited on low pops
-His spawn timer is currently undetermined, but it seems he has a long no spawn window followed by a spawn window, if you want to do Oondasta on alts you'll need CRZ with likely 1 spawn a week on most servers
-Some servers have killed it by dragging him to the GY. Others have claimed he can reset if you do this. Unconfirmed on what causes him to reset or if there's been a hotfix.
-He's very difficult for raids of less than 80 pug players
-If you attack him with 150 or more players, he'll probably lag out and not do most of his abilities
-It's very possible to get no loot if you're running back. Sometimes you'll get loot in your mailbox, but not always.
-The "fail sack" can have blood spirits in it. The name of the sack is Shiny Pile of Refuse
Do you think I'll kill Oondasta more than I killed Galleon?
Well, Galleon you needed people willing to invite you to a group to kill it; which was an obvious problem for you.
I'm so alone in this world.....(of Warcraft).
4 days remain
What if it isn't this week?
Final pre-patch no tap to faction rare spawn of Galleon:

3/1 4:51pm

the worldboss channel was alerted!
03/01/2013 10:24 AMPosted by Kursed
What if it isn't this week?

I hope not, I won't be valor capped and I feel like my nerd status will go down if I'm not.
2 days!
Patch is today, worldboss will try to keep Sargeras posted!
Thanks for doing this. Will definitely join chat.
With Galleon being 90 minutes and not super short like Sha, we can use this channel for some headsups with him too
I've heard reports Oondasta is starting to spawn on servers.
friends killed him cross server about half hour ago, so he is certainly starting to spawn
He dies rather quickly so I would park a toon there or set your hearth to Zouchin Village.
Added some compiled oondasta information to my opening post.

He's CRZ-able, so if you're in a cross-realm raid on him and have assist, feel free to say something in worldboss. Just remember the majority of players have to be from the host server, so on low/med pops there will be a finite limit on the number of players that can join.

Also I made a thread on D&R to facilitate cross-realm grouping, but continue to use this thread too! For Sargeras especially.
you extend an olive branch to other servers

Oondasta dead at ~6:35am(server) Sunday March 10th
oh noes.
Oondasta dead at ~6:35am(server) Sunday March 10th

So early!

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