World Boss Chat Channel for 5.2! "worldboss"

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Expecting Thurs or Fri for next spawn but no confirmed timer yet. It'll probably spawn on other servers earlier
Oondasta is no longer CRZ, so it's just Sargeras sightings now.

Players visiting a different realm are no longer eligible to receive loot from Oondasta or Nalak, The Storm Lord. A forum thread discussing the reasoning for this change have been created.
Looks like I'll never kill Oondasta again.
It's possible with the world boss channel! Though getting there in time might be the toughest part. My hearths at Thunder Isle right now.
IS the population on this server enough to down Oondasta by itself?

you're kidding right ?
03/12/2013 09:31 AMPosted by Vanshear

you're kidding right ?

I've never been there before I'm thing of server changing so is it a yes or a no :o

Alliance easily has the numbers to take down Oon. The problem is being online at the correct time.
IS the population on this server enough to down Oondasta by itself?

We're the #3 overall pop Alliance server
Oondasta is up! If you get here in the next 10 minutes you might make it!
Oondasta downed 3/15 512pm. Thanks Sargeras. Looks to be about a 5 day spawn timer.
Others believe that it's exactly like Galleon with a 24-48 hour no spawn window. It's just that server restarts reset the timer. Could be up again today if that is the case.
Oondasta just spawned! Hurry Sargeras!
World server ded :(
Good job Sargeras, I love the fact that we crashed our own server. SEE BLIZZARD, FIX THIS
RIP. So I think the no spawn window reset.
this is proof that blizzard is horrible at what they do
Barklakias, level 90 worgen warlock from <Fallen> appears to have just ruined the channel as of the past couple minutes, put a password and started banning/kicking people from the channel. Just thought I'd give a heads up in-case this ruins peoples plans for the channel XD

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