World Boss Chat Channel for 5.2! "worldboss"

I'm so sorry! It was an accident; I swear. I don't know how to reverse it. :(
Well this explains a lot.
All I can really say is don't do stuff like that, for the good of the server. I'm not too well-versed on chat channel commands, but you can probably find them on wowwiki. In the future, I wouldn't play around with them since they're not really needed for anything.

Back on the topic of Oondasta, if the servers go down on Tuesday, the next spawn might be sometime Thursday. I think it's a 24-48 hour no spawn window like Galleon, but server restarts and downtime will reset it.
lol Digerati XD i hope you don't believe barklakias when he says it was an accident
/password <channel> <password>
/pass <channel> <password> Change channel's password assuming you are channel creator or moderator.
Guessing boss channel is broken :(

Keeps asking me for a password.
For everyone stilling looking for a Worldboss channel that WON'T ask for a PW. Just type /join Worldbosses.

With an "ES" at the end. I will try to keep the channel clear of morons..

That's the easiest way to fix this assuming that warlock doesn't get Moderator again.
Why you gotta give warlocks a bad name Barklakias....

OT: Diablous, will you buy me that set as it becomes available on the BMAH, please and ty.
Well you did say please and that goes a long way!

I also concur with Kursed, stop giving us a bad name! That whole frolicking with evil thing makes it hard enough for us.
Thanks Blizzard for giving us NEW content for once, then not supporting the server to do it on.
10,000 years of issues versus a server crash.
This is why we can't have nice things, people don't listen

-Slootbag 2013
we should let horde have oondasta
I have taken a liking to 'thanks oondasta' myself
Makes a gnome sad
Get here within the next 10 minutes or so and you'll get an Oondasta kill!
I have taken a liking to 'thanks oondasta' myself

I don't think so.
We're on our 5th kill today and he might actually wipe us. This leads me to believe that he might be up indefinitely and not killed during the night hours or later in the week when less people need it. Just my prediction anyway.

Edit: Looks like we barely did it lol

My recommendation is if you need oondasta, get it done early in the week

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