World Boss Chat Channel for 5.2! "worldboss"

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Looks like someone passworded it again today =(
People Suck!
Yay for douchebags.
Passworded again? This makes me unhappy.

What we need is for players to have the capability to register their custom channels with the server (ala IRC and ChanServ) to prevent this sort of garbage.

As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to suggest something like this. To the foru... err, in-game suggestion button!
Shame people can't leave a time saving resource alone without ruining it for others.
Channel password now?
Looks like we're back in business.
Passworded again.

This is why we can't have nice things.
Hey all. I'd like to start by saying Worldboss is a massive success. My plan is to get a PvP dedicated channel called PvPSargeras to decrease the PvP "traffic" in Tradechat. If you all can spread the word to any PvPer's or PvP guilds it would be much appreciated.
As a reminder, this channel still exists and is still going strong! /join worldboss for all your oondasta and galleon needs.
Starting a new initiative today for heroic scenarios in 5.3:
Should mention that 5.3 nerfed Oon's Spitfire Beam to do flat damage and there's now a path up to the middle, along with a spirit healer up there. The new strategy is to pull him where he's at, face the boss away, and everyone stack behind him. Very much possible to pug with any 30-35 people as long as you have a couple tanks and healers. Because of this, Oon will go down significantly faster than before, so park your alts at Oon on Tues if they need it.
We got a lot of new transfers this week, take advantage of worldboss!
5.4 News:

"Ordos is a difficult world boss that requires you to have a legendary cloak to get to him. He will respawn every few hours or so, but the main gating mechanism for him is getting a group together that all has the cloak. He drops items that will be anywhere from Normal to Normal Thunderforged quality."

Long respawn, apparently if you get summoned there without a cloak you die, so I imagine group leaders will require you to link your Chapter 5 achievement
Just as an update to this:

We're planning to change the restriction for access to Ordos to be account-wide. Basically, as long as at least one of your characters has a legendary cloak, all of them should be able to access the encounter.
this is good news. thanks dig for keeping me in the know.
A small note here, if the servers go down for maintenance on a given day and I'm not around to message the new channel leader, just type /ann worldboss leave to get rid of the join/leave announcement spam. That's whoever has the leader symbol by their name at the time in the chat tab. Thanks!

No confirmation yet whether or not Ordos is crz-able, but I'd think not with the long respawn timer. If it is, expect lots of server crashing.
When you transfer over to the PTR, it retains your current channel list, so throughout this PTR cycle I've noticed a lot of people in the worldboss channel, even ones from the EU server. So I did a quick google of 'worldboss channel' and a lot of servers seem to be doing this now in the US and EU. Cool that this idea has spread so much.
5.4 on the 27th. Ordos facts:

- 3 to 6 hour spawn timer? Unconfirmed. Ouch. Expect server crashes with all the camping.

- He's in a remote location. You'll have to park toons there.

- You need the legendary cloak quest completed on just one character on your account to access him. If you have the 600 cloak, getting the legendary it's just a matter of doing a couple intro quests and killing the 4 celestial bosses which shouldn't be a problem with no Horde.

- He hasn't been tested and downed on the PTR to my knowledge, might be buggy when he goes live, and a wacky strat like the GY zerg on Oon might emerge

- Drops all Warforged (aka Thunderforged) gear. Item level 559. For casters it's 7 items, half of which are tier slots. I might think twice about coining him on my main, but great for alts.

- Censure of Eternal Agony, the same faction PVP item, Ordos griefing will be quite rampant after a couple of months once more people learn about it. Expecting lots of QQ, not much we can do about it

If you're a Ordos raid leader, I wouldn't worry about if people have the cloak or not. Most will, and with the long spawn timer he'll die very quickly.

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