Perth Soundwave

Who's going?!
not me
Won't see you there then :(
Just don't plan on taking any water into the barrier this year, you're not allowed in with a lid on your bottle anymore (?), flares are optional.
I'm bring my best friend Johnny Storm, He is going to go off better then a p!ssy flare.
Yup, I'll be there.
Meet you at the tree near behind the stage
I will find you!
I will step on you!
Then can we get a Nesquik after?
Words cannot explain how excited I would be if that was the end result!.
Looks like the entire population of perth is going ^^
I counted 3?
Uni goes back Monday so maybe that.
And Futures the day before. Kiddies might be too wrecked to roll into Soundwave the next day.
Well, you know, those 2 other guys that make up the population of Perth besides us 3...
Yeah, thats what they get when they miss the bi monthly Perth Convention meet up, or as we call it

The BiMoPeCoMeUp
03/01/2013 03:54 AMPosted by Belle

The narrator sounds like he's been taking lessons from the Virgin Mobile voicemail guy, in all his condescending glory.
I love that video, Best keep it secret though. I don't want everyone flocking to perth. The population is high enough as it is!

I don't want to have to bring 2 packets of chips to the BiMoPeCoMeUp!
Metal is for children
03/02/2013 04:21 AMPosted by Johnterry
Metal is for children

My Monk looks cooler than yours.
See you guys soon! :3
best soundwave ive been to yet.
went to the sydney one and it was dooooooooooope.

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