New to server, will you be my friend?

Well, I guess I'm not totally new, but nobody would remember me levelling with them to 30 back in vanilla when taking a break from UO. Just transferred here with a few friends from the dead WoW server we've been playing on for the last couple years.

So yeah. Main spec ret, 491 ilvl. If you find yourself wishing you had one more melee dps regularly, put me on your friends list! I have a heal spec but crap gear, and can tank in a pinch (have tanked some of HoF and TES and gear is better than holy, just trying to wean off it so I don't need to change specs for pvp). We'll probably try to build a new raid group eventually, but don't have concrete short-term plans and I'd like to do some raiding.

Also looking to PvP more (have been out of it since MoP), but don't have enough gear to where anyone would want me =P.

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