New Fire Mage Changes

03/02/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Aozerra

You actually only lose 0.5s with the new system. Not a big change, it will take 3 LB cycles (that's 9 applications) before you lose even 1 GCD.

It's not that straightforward. LB+IB and 3xLB do not put you "in the same place" because IB also spreads ignite and the pyro dot. A better comparison would be LB+IB vs 3xLB+IB, in which case you just lost 2 gcds as a result of the change.

Also, IB's 1.5s gcd is reduced by haste and LB's 1.0gcd is not. You'd be losing closer to 0.65-0.7s per application cycle assuming a standard fire raid buffed 12.5% haste.

Hmm. These are really good points. Listen to this person.
i dont like the pryo nerf for pvp... i dont like it at all!!!!
Well, tomorrow we will find out how it's going to work... or not.

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