(H)5.2 2k+ RBG group

RBG's will be run thursdays and fridays 1030pm-1230am Central time.

Must have 2k RBG achieve on the toon you wish to join on.

The comp we are shooting for is....

Warrior Tank
Resto Druid(filled)
Resto Shaman/Holy Pally
Destro Lock(filled)

Last spot we are going to tinker with. Looking at...
Boomkin/Fire Mage/Lock/Hunter/Spriest

Please message me in game or leave a post here with your battle id.

2300+ 3's but only 1870ish from rbgs (most I pugged)
got a hpal on tich with 2k ach and with relic of chi-ji likely to be still good next season for rbgs...
This is too much, there should be a tool to get this done in game if they want RBGs to be mainsteam.
liquid and kitty please add me in game.
We could use a duel specced frost and unholy dk in which case our current Dk would change mains and become our third healer
I am not 2k. I play a skillcaped ret paladin, i would love to prove competence tho. realy trying to get into RBGs with experienced players...nobody on my realm PvPs, and the few that do PvP have no binds/macros and backpeddal, if you are interested send in game mail to "Jwl-thunderhorn". As i said i will prove competence, willing to play iether prot or ret. thanks
Aight ispam ill holla at u when I get home today
sorry glaive, we are running a heavy spell team, and even if we werent i do not think the small amount of buffs ret is getting will be enough to bring them into a good place in rbgs.
I am on most nights after 1030 pm central, please add me!
2120 exp spriest lf rbg group =D
add my battletag please xista!
2180 dk can play either spec
add me please danzar
I can fill the hunter spot if need be, im actually a really great hunter and very vocal, I just transferred to kt and i was on a small server before so i could only get into pugs from openraid and I had to lead most of them. I never really had any arena partners so my achievements dont show for it but i constantly pvp and am a 2300 hunter on arena tournament.

Maybe you could give me a shot and if it doesnt work out for us then no hard feelings. Cambra#1123

I also have a mw monk I achieved the same ratings on as well http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/borean-tundra/Dtfblackgirl/simple

And i have an ele shaman, willing to play any of them.

Oh forgot to mention also have a an affliction lock and boomy geared as well.
i sent you a friend request, just throw me a whisper at some point and remind me who you are, i have too many battlenet friends><
i sent you a friend request, just throw me a whisper at some point and remind me who you are, i have too many battlenet friends><

Awesome will do

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